Long-Term Summer Rentals is the Latest Trend – The New York Times

Within 24 hours of President Trump’s European travel ban in March, Laura Jones had three inquiries to rent her house in the Catskills for a month. “We had never been able to rent it for more than four days before, and most were for just a weekend,” Ms. Jones said. The house has already had two groups for one month each, and a three-month renter will soon take the place.

Like a newly reopened barbershop, vacation properties are seeing a surge of bookings, especially now that states are reopening and loosening health and safety restrictions. A typical summer vacation may take the family for a week or two to the beach or mountains. This year, as many employees have been shooed from the office and summer camps have been canceled, some of those travelers still in an economic position to do so are relocating for a bit longer.

Twiddy and Company, which

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