Momentum building as Northern Ireland's property market remains on pause – Property Reporter

Following the relaxing of lockdown rules in England, there was a predictable surge in housing activity as estate agents reopened their doors and restarted operations.

However, while property activity in England surges, Northern Ireland remains firmly in lockdown mode with no indication from the Government as to when estate agents can return to work. So, when the Northern Ireland market does open, can we expect the same surge in activity?

The Guild of Property Professionals spoke to its offices in the region to find out their view on the Northern Ireland market and its awaited reopening.

How are people in Northern Ireland responding to virtual viewings and valuations?

Daniel Henry, Partner at Bensons, comments: “Our people are quite set in their ways and prefer face-to-face meetings, however, that said, we have seen people start to embrace it and enquire about virtual tools and how they work. Effectively, it

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