Mounting rent arrears 'ignored by Government' – Your Money – Your Money

There is just a month to go before the current moratorium on tenant evictions runs out.

Rising rent arrears in the private rented sector due to the coronavirus are being ignored by the Government, according to Flatfair.

The payment technology company’s CEO Franz Doerr says both renters and landlord will be affected by rent arrears – and nothing is being done.

In March the government announced an outright ban on tenant evictions until 25 June.

But property experts fear this will lead to a flood of evictions once the ban is lifted in a month’s time as landlords looked to launch possession cases against tenants with high rent arrears.

Legally if tenants owe two or more months’ rent, they can be evicted by landlords on mandatory grounds assuming the arrears can be proved.

Franz Doerr, CEO of flatfair, says: “The government needs to grasp that mounting rent arrears are a

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