Printing firm Reads' owner seeks injunction against landlord – Irish Examiner

An application by the owner of the printing business Reads for an injunction against the landlord of its Dublin city-centre premises has opened before the High Court.

O’Flaherty’s (Nassau St.) Limited, which trades as Reads, seeks orders against Setanta Centre Unlimited Company, the owner of an office building on Dublin’s Nassau Street.

The applicant operates an outlet within a campus known as the Setanta Campus, which is just to the South of but visible, and accessible from Nassau Street.

The defendant is redeveloping the building over the next two years at a cost of €150m.

O Flaherty’s claims that as part of those works arrangements had been put in place with the defendant where a temporary access route, that would allow customers access the property, was put in place.

It claims that the defendant intends to erect hoarding across that temporary access, rendering the Reads premises completely inaccessible.

O’Flaherty’s claim

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