Protecting rough sleepers and renters: Interim Report – ARLA Propertymark

The Housing Communities and Local Government Committee has published its Interim Inquiry Report into the impact of the Coronavirus crisis on rough sleepers and renters as vulnerable groups within the housing economy.

The Inquiry, launched on 17 April 2020 set out to explore how renters and rough sleepers could be protected from the impact of Coronavirus and asked for written evidence on how effective Government support had been so far and what problems still remained.  

Inquiry Recommendations to Government for the private rented sector: Bring forward legislation allowing judges to use discretion where a tenant is in rent arrears due to the Coronavirus for at least the next 12 months Accelerate the introduction of the Renters Reform Bill Set the Local Housing Allowance at a level reflecting real market rents and guarantee the rate will be maintained at the 30th percentile long-term Legislating to prevent evictions

The Coronavirus Act 2020

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