Rent freeze and eviction ban to be extended, says Housing Minister –

Image: Leon Farrell/Rolling News Image: Leon Farrell/Rolling News

HOUSING MINISTER EOGHAN Murphy has said he foresees the rent freeze and the temporary ban on evictions being extended further following the publication of the roadmap to lifting certain restrictions last night. 

Initially, a temporary ban on evictions and a pause on rent increases were introduced for a period of three months back in March, but the government warned at the time that it may be extended if deemed necessary.

Speaking today at the launch of a new suite of business supports, Murphy said the likely extension was not something that needed new legislation or a new government. 

“The two bans, if you like, that are in place around rent increases and notices to quit, they currently run until about the 27 June,” Murphy told reporters.  

“I foresee them being extended, but that decision hasn’t been

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