Seattle City Council Adopts Multiple Ordinances for Rental Properties – Lexology

In response to City of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan’s earlier declaration of a Civil Emergency because of COVID-19, the Seattle City Council has extended additional protections for renters.

The City Council’s first rental regulation responding to COVID-19 was an ordinance that prohibits rent increases on small business or nonprofit tenants, prohibits evictions of such tenants for nonpayment, and allows negotiation of a repayment schedule to pay back rent within a year after the termination of the emergency, but which requires payment of no more than one-third of the debt per month, Ord. 126066 (passed April 13, 2020).

Since then, the City Council has focused on the residential side. In the last two weeks, it adopted ordinances that:

Create a COVID-19 defense to an eviction proceeding for failure to pay rent during, or within six months after, the declared emergency, provided that the tenant declares a financial hardship, Ord. 126075

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