Tenants offsetting rent costs through commuter savings – Property Reporter

As the lockdown continues and many of us still restricted to working from home or on furlough, new research has revealed that the average UK commuter is benefitting to the tune of £66 a month that would otherwise be spent travelling to and from work.

Now that the market has reopened for business, tenants will be looking to move to rental properties having been restricted since the end of March. However, the financial barrier of securing a rental deposit at a cost of five weeks rent will have increased for those on furlough or unable to work.

According to Ome, the silver lining is that three months of furlough commuter cost savings could boost their finances by £199. While this won’t pay the rent, it will account for 18% of the average rental deposit of £1,107.

This help over the financial hurdle of renting is highest in the

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