The Housing Crisis: coronavirus and 'mass evictions' – Cherwell Online

In the midst of a global pandemic, another dangerous crisis is emerging on British soil. This time, Day Zero will be the 25th of June. Unless action is taken before this point, the UK government’s inability to provide strong safety nets for private renters will end in perhaps the worst housing crisis this country has faced yet.

Private renting has seen a significant increase of 63% in the previous decade, with 4.5million households now living in the private rented sector. With few rights as renters, the COVID-19 pandemic has showcased how fragile this market is, and the danger this poses to millions. Government measures announced in mid-March to protect renters and landlords lack any financial support, rent freeze or subsidies, and instead suggests co-operation between tenants and landlords to avoid devastation. While the effective “eviction freeze” until the end of June has provided short term reassurance, its lifting can only

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