The overwhelming majority of private landlords are trying to help tenants affected by the pandemic – Inside Housing

Contrary to some perceptions, not all private landlords are well-off and can afford for tenants not to pay their rent. A large number rely on their rental income for their livelihood or their pension.

Government figures show that 45% of landlords rent only one property and around 40% have a total income, excluding rent, of less than £20,000.

While we welcome the measures taken to help both tenants and landlords get through this crisis, we continue to campaign for further action.

Along with other organisations we are calling for the housing allowance to be increased still further to ensure it can cover rents and for an end to the five-week wait for the first payment of Universal Credit.

We are also heartened at the cross-party support building among MPs and peers for Spanish-style interest-free loans for tenants who might be struggling.

As we look to the recovery period and the

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