Using trousers to cover faces, making offers through the window and virtual viewings – here are some ways British homebuyers are figuring out the ‘new normal’ – Business Insider

source Flickr/Kathleen Conklin The UK property market was effectively closed at the end of March because of coronavirus restrictions, with early data showing sales down dramatically in April. The English property market reopened May 13, with a new focus on virtual property viewings and new safety measures introduced at every step of the process. Personal protective equipment and social distancing are now normal features at home viewings, with one woman saying she needed to cover her face with a pair of her daughter’s trousers to be let in. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

A shiny suit and a flashy car used to be the essential tools for estate agents, but now you are more likely to see them with hand sanitizer and a pair of latex gloves.

Welcome to the “new normal” in the English housing market.

Restrictions on buying and selling property were removed in England on May

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