'We must protect Generation Rent from the effects of the Covid-19 crisis' – TheJournal.ie

THE RECENT INTRODUCTION of new measures to protect tenants will be welcome news for the more than 300,000 households who rent in Ireland.

The new legislation, which came into effect on 27 March, establishes a moratorium on evictions and rent increases. Landlords will not be able to issue notices of termination during the ‘emergency period’, which lasts until 27 June (but can be extended thereafter by Government order).

Any notice of termination issued before the emergency period is ‘paused’. Landlords may not introduce rent increases, although informally negotiated rent reductions are permitted. Tenancies in the private rental sector are, in a sense, frozen in time as tenants, landlords and government scramble to come to terms with Covid-19.

Moreover, the Government has indicated that the Department of Employment and Affairs and Social Protection will use the full flexibility of Rent Supplement to ensure this temporary

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