What have couples been doing in lockdown? We might know in nine months – The Irish Times

Binge watching box sets, doing jigsaws and sharing almost every human activity possible through video apps are some of the most talked about ways of connecting and alleviating boredom during the coronavirus shutdown.

But what else are couples doing more of behind closed doors?

Maybe nine months will tell.

There has been plenty of light-hearted chatter predicting a wave of “coronababies” around Christmas and into 2021. A UK discount chain reported, with some glee, towards the end of April that sales of pregnancy test kits were up 25 per cent since the lockdown had begun in Britain on March 23rd.

However, while each pregnancy is ultimately the responsibility of just two people, what’s going on in the wider society and economy have a huge bearing on a country’s birth rate. The current crisis is unprecedented and the ramifications are only starting to unfold.

We can only speculate on what impact

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