Coronavirus: managing the return to work in Ireland –

The protocol advises that, in preparation for returning to work, employers should:

appoint at least one clearly identifiable lead worker representative charged with ensuring that Covid-19 measures are strictly adhered to in their place of work. Individuals undertaking this role must receive the necessary training and have a structured framework to follow within the organisation to be effective in preventing the spread of the virus; consult with workers and safety representatives on safety measures to be implemented; provide a Covid-19 training induction for all workers; develop or update their Covid-19 response plan. This should include any updates to health and safety risk assessments and safety statement as discussed below; keep a log of any group work in order to facilitate contract tracing; develop or amend policies and procedures for prompt identification and isolation of workers who develop symptoms of Covid-19; develop, consult, communicate and implement workplace changes or policies with workers

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