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Although the idea has been popular, it has not had an uncritical reception, principally from people who are concerned about diverting funds away from building and allocating housing on the basis of need. The G15 report imagines the 100,000 homes could be a mix of social rent homes, reduced rent and shared ownership, to reflect the different financial situations and needs of essential workers.

Alison Inman is a board member at Colne, Saffron and Tpas, and one of the founders of the Shout campaign for social housing. She hasn’t been involved in the Homes for Heroes campaign.

She says: “I know there’s been some kickback from people – how can you talk about housing people with jobs and homes when we’ve got a massive homelessness problem? We’ve got to ride both horses. We’ve got to have different solutions for different people.”

Official government statistics for 2018/19 show that 41% of

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