Impact of coronavirus on the UK real estate sector – where are we now? – Lexology

The real estate sector has been impacted heavily by the outbreak of COVID-19. And while some asset classes have fared better than others (consider the comparative fortunes of hospitality and non-food retail with those of logistics and food retail) none have been completely immune.

Our comprehensive team of lawyers is at the forefront of advising the real estate community on the diverse issues facing our sector during this period of intense uncertainty and change. In this document we explore just some of these challenges, from how commercial landlords can respond to non-payment of rent with the June quarter day fast approaching, to ensuring a safe return to the workplace (whether that’s a construction site or office building), to managing the potential reputational implications of making difficult but necessary business decisions over the coming months.

While this document outlines some of the key questions that our clients in the sector are

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