My tenant’s notice was up in May, when is he obliged to leave? – The Irish Times

I served a six month notice to my tenant in November 2019 to vacate in mid-May 2020. Is this considered an eviction notice, and when is he obliged to leave?

The brevity of your query makes it difficult to ascertain precisely why you are serving notice. Normally if you were giving this length of notice it would indicate that you are either selling the property or a family member is moving into the property. The tenant would have been in occupation between 3 to 7 years to justify this notice.

When the Covid-19 emergency measures were introduced in March all notices were suspended so your notice is paused for three months and according to media reports the suspension may well be extended.

I take it you served a valid notice, addressed to the tenant, which reads that they “vacate on or before” the relevant date. I have seen first-hand the

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