Pandemic deepens economic pain at Trump’s company, already suffering from a tarnished brand – The Washington Post

Shawn Thew EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

The head of President Trump’s flagship hotel stood on Pennsylvania Avenue with face mask on and two thumbs up.

After three brutal months of empty hotel rooms and a skeleton staff, Mickael Damelincourt finally had something to celebrate: new sidewalk seating to safely welcome back Trump’s MAGA-loving customers. “Let’s get back to work,” Damelincourt tweeted on May 28.

By the next day, Trump was in his underground bunker, protesters swarmed downtown Washington cursing Trump’s name, and the hotel’s outdoor seating experiment was tabled.

The whiplash at Trump’s D.C. hotel is emblematic of the problems faced by his company, which was already suffering from a tarnished brand before the novel coronavirus hit. The fresh wave of political anger directed toward Trump complicates an already difficult recovery for the company.

Interviews with current and former Trump Organization employees and tenants, and emails obtained

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