The Offload: Ireland players enter the IRFU den – The Irish Times

Dragon Psychology is the latest Revisionist History podcast by Malcolm Gladwell. Without attaining Taoiseach Leo levels of JRR Tolkien fandom, Smaug does get a mention as the hoarding of treasure, especially in times of dire financial need, is given the once over.

For example, The Met museum in New York has 1.5 million pieces of art and despite debts of $40 million, they ain’t blowing the dust off a single Andy Warhol.

This got us to thinking about Newlands Cross. The 92.5 acres of grass land near the Naas road was hoarded by the IRFU until the €27 million sale in November 2018.

Clubs were promised the loot. Philip Browne subsequently revealed the cash allowed the union to purchase No 10 Lansdowne road and avoid paying €300,000 annual rent. The savings would be funnelled downstream in due course.

That was then. Now, the IRFU is seeking 20 per cent pay

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