Amid Coronavirus Chaos, Prospective Postgraduates Chew Over their Future – The University Times

“Two weeks into lockdown in Ireland, I got an email and the subject line freaked me out a bit,” graduate Gabrielle Pozzo Di Borgo tells me over the phone. “It read something like, ‘The Impact of Covid-19 on your Master’s Application’, and I was like, ‘Surely not! No! Come on!’” We laugh, albeit somewhat nervously.

Indeed, for every third-level student across the world, the spring semester of 2020 will be one to remember. Exams quickly moved online, tutorials went straight to Blackboard, social gatherings were cancelled and the aftershock of the virus can still be felt even today.

Just a few weeks ago, Trinity unveiled its plans to continue education online for classes of over 25 through to December 2020, rendering much of college practically virtual for the foreseeable future.


Undoubtedly, this announcement is one that will leave many undergraduates crestfallen at the prospect of yet another term spent on

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