Average renting cost and house prices in Dublin announced in new daft.ie report – Dublin Live

The Sinn Fein spokesperson for housing has said that a new Daft.ie report – outlining renting and buying costs in Dublin – shows that the market does not and will not provide affordable homes for renting and buying.

TD Eoin Ó Broin was speaking about the new report which states that rent across Ireland has risen by 0.2% despite a small fall in house prices.

Renting on average in Dublin now stands at over €2,000 with average house prices nearly hitting €370,000

He claimed that housing to rent or to buy is “persistently unaffordable for ordinary working people across.”

He said: “The Daft.ie Housing Market Report shows that rents are still on average €1,400 across the State; reaching just over €2,000 in Dublin.

“The report highlights how the average home now costs over €250,000 and considerably more in Dublin; reaching on average €369,000.

“The market will not provide genuinely affordable housing and the

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