Cork 'Covid Party House' court case: 'We have had no sleep whatsoever' – Irish Examiner

An elderly resident who lives near a property that has become known as ‘Covid Party House’ described how a young woman outside the house was told to hush but responded by saying, “Turn up the music”. 

Sadie O’Mahony, of Highfield West, near University College Cork, was giving evidence in the case against the landlord for being responsible for noise as a nuisance. Ms O’Mahony said: “In the last couple of months we have had no sleep whatsoever. We have been in contact with Fachtna O’Reilly over the years but in the last six to eight weeks it is gone really bad.” 

She described having her granddaughter staying over last Friday night for the first time since the Covid-19 restrictions lifted and said they were all still awake at 5am on a morning when her daughter had to be at work for 8am.

Ms O’Mahony described another incident where two young

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