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National news updates on Wednesday 29th July.


In the UK, British scientists have been given grants to investigate the link between coronavirus and ethnicity. 

4-point-3 million pounds has been split between six projects which are looking at why those from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds are more likely to die from Covid-19. 

Non-white people are nearly twice as likely to lose their life to the virus, after taking into account age and other social factors.


Customers may be able to drink at the bar when pubs reopen.

According to the Irish Independent, Fáilte Ireland will make the recommendation to the government later this week. 

It will publish guidelines for pubs that only serve alcohol.

Pubs serving food that are currently open don’t allow customers to sit at the bar. 

Hunger Strike:

Residents at a Kerry Direct provision centre are continuing their hunger strike this morning in

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