Government’s emphasis on social housing will not solve crisis – The Irish Times

The national response to the Covid-19 emergency shows how a small, close-knit country like Ireland can lead the world in dealing with a severe crisis. By coming together, and staying apart, and by applying joined-up thinking to a complex problem, we flattened the curve, avoided an ICU disaster and saved lives.

It is time we took the same approach to some of the other severe problems we face, such as the housing crisis.

In Ireland in 2020, we have more than 440,000 households earning between €50,000 and €95,000. Incredibly, these households are part of a locked-out generation who, it is deemed, do not earn enough to buy their own home, and yet are often saddled with astronomically high monthly rents.

What is more, those high rents do not allow these people to save money for a deposit, even if they could qualify for a mortgage.

This is a social disaster

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