Ireland faces crisis that could see thousands lose their homes if eviction ban expires, charity warns – Irish Mirror

The country is facing a rent arrears crisis which could see thousands of families losing their homes if the emergency ban on evictions expires in two days time.

Leading national housing charity Threshold has warned that there will be a surge in evictions because new laws being pushed through by the Government don’t give renters enough protection.

The warning comes as Sinn Fein called on Green TDs to absent themselves from the final vote on Thursday on the Residential Tenancies and Valuation Bill which they claim will take away many renter’s rights.

Threshold claims that in the coming months because of the onset of a recession and high unemployment there long-term indebtedness amongst tenants and a real risk and may result in high levels of eviction once the emergency laws preventing them cease.

Irish Government spent almost €1billion of taxpayers’ cash on private homes since 2011

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