It would be terrible if Staycation Nation turned into Rip-off Ireland – The Irish Times

Your country needs you to holiday at home, so the Government keeps telling us. The Trip Advisor cabinet is all over your holiday plans – except for Tánaiste Leo Varadkar, who is busy making sure we’re all over his.

We’ve become Staycation Nation. And so it feels practically unpatriotic to say it, but have they seen the prices?

A week in Kerry is no longer the frugal choice of the bucket-and-spade brigade. These days, the going rate for three nights in a family room in a three-star guesthouse in Killarney seems to be north, sometimes far north, of €600. A three-star hotel in Dingle is quoting almost €2,700 for seven nights in a quadruple room in August.

Meanwhile, the concept of “cost-friendly self-catering” has gone the way of the sweaty handshake. *


Kerry has never been shy about milking its own assets, but it’s not just the Kingdom capitalising

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