Movable feast: Food trucks the dining-out trend of the summer –

In the movie Chef, John Favreau plays Carl Casper, worn down by restaurant owner Dustin Hoffman’s insistence that he stick to the same tried and tested dishes rather than give free rein to his culinary creativity. After a bad review and a social media rant against the offending critic goes viral, Casper quits the restaurant, opens a food truck serving authentic Cuban dishes and rediscovers his passion for cooking.

ustomers line up down the street; the truck is a huge hit. Six months later, he has opened a new restaurant where his uncompromising food garners glowing reviews.

There can be few chefs working in stressful restaurant kitchens who haven’t fantasised about something similar. And now, with restaurants, particularly in our city centres, struggling to attract customers and a reluctance on the part of many to eat indoors, it seems this might be the year that food trucks finally come into

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