Mum's The Word: At home in Canada, I have a chance to recharge my batteries – Irish Examiner

This week I should be in Canada with my daughter Joan and my twin Karen sitting on the porch of our childhood home, but we aren’t. 

We were due to fly out on Monday for our annual trip back to see family and friends and to relax and recharge.

Each year I save up all my holidays for either July or August, taking no weekends off from my show across the year so I can get a good run at a summer holiday. 

Around the end of June, I find myself getting more and more exhausted with daily tasks, I get a little less patient with everything and my anxiety climbs up a notch or two because I haven’t had a break all year.

This is my fault and perhaps I should manage it better but I want all my ‘free’ time to be spent in Ontario.

When I am

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