PropTech to take a leading role in the future of retail leases – Lexology

Technological changes in the way we shop, the fast rise in e-commerce and the upheaval caused by Covid-19 are all creating a lasting impact on the UK’s retail sector.

We no longer shop the same way…

With the recent lockdown measures and a shift towards social distancing, shoppers are unlikely to return to retail destinations in the same numbers as before or for the same purposes. Consumer trends indicate more shopping online supplemented with trips to the shops for inspiration and for sizing. Many retailers who were struggling to pay rent before the crisis will surrender or forfeit their leases and landlords could be left with a large number of empty stores.

Retail Lease terms are changing…

Committing to a retail lease can be risky for both the landlord and tenant. A landlord needs to strike a balance by setting the rent at the right level so that it benefits

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