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Analysis: new research looks at how Irish people experienced work-disruption and unemployment during the recent lockdown

By Joe Whelan, Fiona Dukelow and Tom Boland, UCC

It is worth pausing to remember some things as Ireland begins the tentative process of opening up with the full and sweeping lockdown behind us for now at least. The disruption to work we have just experienced was unlike anything previously seen. A huge proportion of the workforce found themselves unemployed and in need of state support virtually overnight, which necessitated an immediate and far reaching political and social policy response.

While we know that we have just been through and continue to experience a major event collectively, people’s everyday experiences are less clear. A team of social researchers from UCC have launched the first a series of surveys designed to capture lived experiences of work and work disruption as they unfold.

From RTÉ News, report on how unemployment reached record

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