24 hours in Bundoran: ‘The town is mental. No one expected it to be so busy’ – The Irish Times

The DonegalSEASIDE town is enjoying an unexpected tourist boom in the wake of lockdown

Before I even arrive in Bundoran, Co Donegal, there are clear signs the longtime seaside resort town is busy. I call two days in advance to make a hotel booking for Wednesday, July 30th. There are five hotels currently open in Bundoran. The Allingham Arms, 132 rooms, full. The Great Northern, 102 rooms, full. The Holyrood, 91 rooms, full. Fitzgerald’s Hotel, which has 16 rooms, has two left, and I book one of these. I hadn’t tried the Grand Central, 64 rooms, but by the time I drive into Bundoran, it too is full.

Wednesday, July 30th: 2pm

The town has what must be one of the most scenic car parks in the country, on the Atlantic Way. It overlooks Bundoran’s bay, and the fresh, wild smell of brine and seaweed hits the second I open the

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