'90 Day Fiancé' Drama: Elizabeth's Dad Has Been Arrested Before – Distractify

A decade ago, Chuck faced a contempt of court charge if he didn’t pay $17,564 in missed child support payments. It’s unclear how that case was settled, but now the Florida resident is being accused of running a scam through his business, CDC Capital Investments LLC.

According to complaints, at least one of which was filed with the Better Business Bureau, several tenants claim that the properties they rented through Chuck’s company were in the process of foreclosure, causing them to be forced out with little notice. 

Some say they even received letters from the landlord threatening to charge three times the normal court costs if they did not vacate the premises by a certain date. When disgruntled renters tried to get answers from Chuck and his son, Daniel, they were allegedly met with radio silence.

One Yelp review reads, “Really need negative stats for these evil

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