A sort of homecoming for Douglas rugby club after Castletreasure investment – Echo Live

Rugby in the area dates back to 1903 with a team made up mostly of workers in the old woollen mills in the village.

It lasted until the early 1970s but was revived in ’79 under the direction of the late Joe O’Reilly and Seamus Corkery, uncle of former international David.

President Christy O’Donovan takes up the story. “We started off in Scart in Castletreasure before moving to Moneygourney, where we leased land for 20 years.

“In 2018 we moved back to Castletreasure again, where we got 12 and a half acres of land from the council at a nominal rent of €200 a year.

“Since then we’ve spent €210,000 on developing the land previously owned by local farmer Tim Ryder.

“It was a very hilly site, though it was level enough at one end and that’s where we trained. We bulldozed at the start of last summer and were

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