As with the A-Levels fiasco, ministers cannot say they have not been warned about evictions – Inside Housing

For all the cosmetic changes to court procedures to make landlords set out relevant information about their tenant’s circumstances, judges will still have no discretion to take them into account beyond adjourning the case.

The wave of possession actions will only be the start of the problems.

Figures released today show that there were 93,000 homeless households in temporary accommodation at the end of March, just as lockdown began. That is an increase of 9.4% on March 2019.

And despite temporary improvements in the welfare safety net, the benefit cap is waiting to catch anyone who falls through. Figures released earlier this month show that the number of newly capped claims rose an incredible 500% between February and May.

“Perhaps England is right and the other three UK nations are wrong, but sitting ministers sitting on their hands while the others act to protect their renters still seems like

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