'Camping in beautiful Irish countryside should be made accessible to everyone' – Echo Live

The mental and physical benefits of the great outdoors have been well documented, including lessening the instances of anxiety and depression. Chris Dunne meets entrepreneur Ken Baird, who found AltCamp, which promotes travelling across one’s own country

When Ken Baird spent more than 10 years living in Australia; he came to appreciate the great outdoors and getting away from the stressful 9 to 5 slog.

“Coming back to Ireland and to Cork with my partner, Orla, we bought a camper van and re-acquainted ourselves with the beauty of the Irish countryside,” says Ken, now in his early 40s.

“We were blown away by the magnificent scenery and by the friendliness of people when we rocked up into a rural village.”

Ken saw the wood for the trees.

“And we thought camping in the beautiful Irish countryside should be made accessible to everyone, especially now with the current uncertain climate due

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