Can you get £10k to double-glaze your home in Green Homes Grant? – This is Money

There can’t be many homeowners who didn’t visualise sparkling new double-glazed windows or smart solar panels on their roof when Rishi Sunak announced his £2billion Green Homes Grant last month.

With up to £10,000 available for energy efficient home improvements, many people started thinking about how to spend a large cheque from the Chancellor.

But the scheme’s details have finally been unveiled on the Government’s website – and, as always, the devil is in the small print.

Catch: You can’t get a discount on double-glazing unless you are also applying for an improvement on a specific list that includes loft or cavity wall insulation

The scheme is littered with catches. First, all except the poorest homeowners will have to stump up a share of the cost themselves. Rather than covering the total amount, vouchers will be worth around two-thirds of the cost of the

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