Cork City councillor who cannot qualify for a mortgage calculates she has spent over €100k in rent over the course of 11 years – Echo Live

A CORK city councillor has spoken about being part of the “locked out” generation of people unable to qualify for a mortgage despite never missing or being late with a rent payment for over a decade.

Solidarity Councillor Fiona Ryan, 31, calculated that she has spent approximately €104,864 in rent over the past 11 years.

Despite a perfect track record of rent payments, buying her own property, is at present, an unattainable goal.

“I think the locked out generation which isn’t just one generation now, it’s two generations – pretty much anyone under the age of 40- have become normalised to paying the majority of our pay to landlords. It’s a situation that has been consciously created by the banks and by the political establishment which propped them up after the financial crash,” Ms Ryan said.

“There are so many houses on the northside that are eminently affordable, that are

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