Coronavirus: Eviction day fears for worried tenants in England and Wales – Yahoo Finance

A five-month ban on landlords evicting tenants in England and Wales ends this weekend, in stark contrast to elsewhere in the UK.

Courts will start hearing cases put on hold owing to the coronavirus crisis from Monday.

Stricter rules will be in place, but in Scotland and Northern Ireland bans are planned to be extended until March.

Renters have argued the financial and practical effects of the crisis mean they should not be thrown out.

Among them are Meghan Butt and her wife Faith Taylor. They are facing a section 21, so-called no-fault, eviction notice meaning they will have three months to leave the property in Hackney, London.

“This home has been a sanctuary during lockdown, and our first as a married couple,” said Meghan, who studies horticulture and runs a dog-walking business in the area.

“It is really hard to plan life at the moment anyway. This puts

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