Coronavirus: Laois Records Increase In Number Of Cases – Midlands103

Latest news updates for Monday 24th August 2020.


Some children in residential care have been spitting and coughing at other kids and staff during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Some children have gone missing from care and haven’t been social-distancing. 

There are 395 children in 164 residential care settings in Ireland, with most centres accommodating between two and four kids. 

Children are placed in these settings if they can’t live at home or in an alternative family environment.  

New documents from the Department of Children reveal some of the challenges these kids have presented during the Covid crisis.  

Some children haven’t been social-distancing or adhering to other key health measures.  

A small number of children have been spitting and coughing at staff and other children.  

Some kids have gone missing from care and weren’t social distancing.  

The documents also reveal that last year there

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