Coronavirus: MPs warn of 'wave of homelessness' when eviction ban ends – BBC News

England could see “a new wave of homelessness” when a ban on evictions ends later this month, MPs have warned.

The ban was introduced in March as part of emergency legislation to protect those hit financially by the pandemic.

Amid fears that evictions may lead to more homeless, 21 MPs have urged the government to guarantee council funds to house rough sleepers for a year.

The government said it would “continue to provide appropriate support” to those affected.

New evictions in England and Wales had initially been suspended until 25 June, but the pause was extended to 23 August.

The Labour-led Welsh government has doubled the notice period required for evictions issued on or after 24 July to six months, excluding cases relating to anti-social behaviour.

The Scottish government has proposed extending its ban on evicting renters until March 2021.

With the 23 August deadline now approaching , MPs have urged the government to do more

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