Declan Jordan: Covid crisis shows need for basic income scheme – Irish Examiner

There is no doubt that the Covid crisis has forced governments to contemplate and implement policies that they would not consider in normal times. 

The consensus in the economics profession on the need to hugely stimulate global economies also shows how this crisis is challenging conventional approaches to how we operate our societies and economies.

One of the features of almost all governments’ response to the economic crash associated with Covid is increasing payments to workers and subsidising their wages. 

In Ireland, the Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP) was initially set at a higher rate than jobseekers’ benefit.

The payment has persisted, albeit at a lower rate. 

The recent controversy about the loss of the payment for those who have travelled, and so are not available for work, has shown that there is a need for a new mindset in how the state bureaucracy views supports for people in vulnerable situations.

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