'Either you think it's acceptable for someone to pay €1300 to live in a shoebox or you don't' – Sinn Féin tables bill to ban co-living – Irish Examiner

Sinn Féin has proposed a new bill to ban co-living developments across Ireland.

Housing spokesman Eoin O’Broin said that he is aware of more than ten planning applications for co-living in Dublin. These developments sees tenants share kitchen and living facilities while renting one small private bedroom, measuring 12sqm, roughly the size of a disabled parking space.

“(Housing Minister) Darragh O’ Brien, when he was in opposition was vehemently opposed to co-living,” Mr O’Broin said.

“This time last year last July, he called it ‘bonkers’.

“He said; ‘If Eoghan Murphy, and Leo Varadkar like it, they should try and living in it’.

“He has the power to remove this immediately. You can just do it with a stroke of a pen and instead, he said he was going to do the so-called responsible thing and do a review.

“The problem with the review is, one of the reasons why co-living

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