Grafton Street: ‘It’s like a ghost town’ – The Irish Times

Ireland’s premier shopping street is a grim reflection of the situation facing retailers. But some things are selling: bras, candles and engagement rings

“I haven’t heard an American accent this year. There’s a few British over. That’s about it.” Patrick Flynn is whiling away the morning in his jarvey cab, parked at the top of Grafton Street. His dog, Del Boy, is sleeping on his lap. This summer, business has been reliant on “Irish people up from the country just for the day”.

How many trips are they averaging each day at the moment? “Some days none,” says Davy, another driver, who has joined Flynn in the cab. “The only reason we’re here is just to give the horse a stretch, and just get a bit of a price of feeding it. It’s going to be tough. It’s time to batten the hatches,” says Flynn.

If I’d come to them a

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