Homeless services report surge in rough sleepers as Storm Ellen hit – Echo Live

Almost 150 people were sleeping rough on the streets of Dublin last night as the tail end of Storm Ellen hit the capital, according to outreach group Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH).

It comes as ICHH teams have reported a considerable jump in the number of people sleeping rough around the city over the past 2 weeks, with the group’s volunteers assisting 146 people sleeping rough last night.

The organisation said this is the average number of people it has interacted with each night over the past two weeks, with the number peaking on August 12th as 164 people slept on the streets.

ICHH CEO Anthony Flynn said last night’s number is unacceptable: “Yesterday assurances were given from the Dublin Region Homeless Executive that extra bed capacity would be available so no person would have to sleep rough and that hostels would be rolling 24 hour access.

“This clearly didn’t

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