How digital hubs could replace working from home – and the office –

Opinion: digital hubs may provide the halfway house between working 100% from home and commuting daily to the office

By Maébh Coleman, Marian Jennings and Rowena HenniganTU Dublin

Our world of work has been changed forever by Covid-19. 80% of us now favour a hybrid model, working remotely for a portion of the week and on-site for the rest, and many will never go back to the way things were before March 2020.

The Irish government has acted fast to open up funding for existing digital hub centres to provide support for small businesses, with this fund being open to both private and public hubs. It’s a move in the right direction, bolstered by the National Association of Community Enterprise Centres, the Irish network organisation for hubs and community centres. Now all they need is the awareness and demand from these former commuters to ensure success.

What is a digital hub?

Digital Hubs are hives for remote-workers, an

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