I'm being kicked out because I cannot pay my rent – your rights as eviction ban ends – Mirror Online

Many people are facing a perfect storm in the coming weeks, as redundancies, payment holidays and Government schemes come to an end.

But most worryingly is the end of the evictions ban, which means if you can’t pay your rent, your landlord will be able to kick you out.

Initially announced on the 18 March 2020, the ban applied in England and Wales for three months but was extended to 23 August 2020.

Payment holidays were also extended to buy-to-let mortgages to ensure that overstretched landlords had an outlet if they were struggling to meet mortgage obligations.

But with the ban expiring in just a few weeks, what will happen next?

Man Paying the Bills looking worried Speak to your landlord as soon as possible if you’re having financial problems (Image: Getty)

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In short,

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