In Glasnevin, a Landlord Attempts to Illegally Evict Two Residents – Dublin Inquirer

Photo by Laoise Neylon

Ashling Murphy and her boyfriend Albert Okolo arrived home last Wednesday to find their belongings stuffed into black bags and dumped outside in the rain, beside the communal bins.

Okolo recorded the scene on his phone.

“Oh my god, that is all our stuff,” says Murphy, in the video. “By the bins.”

“Is that all our stuff?” says Okolo. He sounds shocked and angry. “Oh my god. Oh, Jesus Christ.”

The shutters of the converted warehouse at Slaney Road in Glasnevin where they live are pulled down. Another tenant shouts from an upstairs window. He can’t get in and out with his keys, he says.

Earlier that afternoon, their landlord Christopher Noone had phoned to say he was packing up their belongings, said Murphy, later.

A week earlier, he had issued them with a seven-day notice of termination. They’re disputing the notice through the Residential

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