Irish in Australia: ‘It’s not so easy for some people just to kick back home’ – The Irish Times

Covid-19 has posed a significant challenge to the fortunes of the Irish in Australia. But many aren’t running for the exit, despite a looming recession, as we hear from Irish Times readers in the country

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St Patrick’s Day is always a big occasion for Irish community organisations across Australia, but this year, it was far from a joyful one. As concern over the spread of coronavirus intensified, parades in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne were all called off with only a day’s notice.

At the St Patrick’s Day Mass organised by the Irish Support Agency in Sydney, the seniors group, which meets regularly to play cards, learn computer skills and talk about their shared Irish connections, were told all activities were cancelled for the foreseeable future.

By March 23rd, non-essential businesses closed, leaving thousands upon thousands of workers – among them

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