It’s not just latte-loving twentysomethings who can’t afford to buy a home – The Irish Times

I waited and waited for the nesting instinct to kick in during pregnancy, but it never came. I hoped that some sort of hormonal mutiny would somehow happen, motivating me to get round to this DIY job and that clearout, but no. As big as a house and moving with the gait of molasses, I sat back and lived my final few non-parent days gorging on Netflix.

Nesting. What a spoof.

Well, it’s properly kicked in now. Like an itch I can’t get at, I’m desperate to have a house with enough room for the three of us. A place where my daughter can have her own bedroom and somewhere to stash her considerable load of stuff.

Want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans. As in, your plans to buy a house in Ireland, when you work freelance.

Is it so bad to want to be able

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