Mary Coughlan: 'I never paid for cocaine but I paid in other ways' –

‘Why didn’t you just say Mary Coughlan’s house?” the taxi driver calls after me. That might have been easier than the Google Maps fembot and braving the snarling guard dogs on foot all right. The house has been the subject of so many headlines you would figure it’s a bit of a landmark. Just in the last few months we have had “Singer Mary Coughlan faces losing home” (The Sun) and “Singer Mary Couglan ordered to bring the house down where daughter is living” (The Times), which made it sound like she was being required to stage a particularly good show for the daughter. Mortgage anxiety is almost part of the brand: Cuttings from 20 years ago refer to her “almost losing her home” even back then. I half expect to see Mary chained to the railings, singing some gorgeous bluesy number into the Wicklow air.

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